Max International is unlike any other network marketing company. Our goal is to be an "A Company," one that's known for its integrity and honesty as much as for the success it offers. Above all, Max is a values-driven company; the Max Code guides every decision and initiative our management team makes. With more than two years of foundational growth, Max has cultivated a solid customer base and is just beginning to capture the next wave of adopters, both in North America and in international markets.

  A Healthy Respect for Science:

It all starts with MaxGXL®, a patented formulation which is the result of Dr. Robert Keller's years of research. This breakthrough product enhances the delivery of the key ingredients necessary to make glutathione, supporting the body's natural production of this vital antioxidant. MaxGXL® has been shown to significantly increase intracellular glutathione.* We take no shortcuts in ensuring our products are safe, and beneficial. Now, with the recent acquisition of the technology and assets of CellGevity and with the involvement of Dr. Herbert Nagasawa, Max International will remain the undisputed leader in all aspects of the glutathione industry for years to come.

Steven K. Scott is co-founder of American Telecast, the company behind the Total Gym and other highly successful products. He knows how to identify and market breakthrough products and saw a winner in Dr. Keller's findings.

From its visionary leadership to its extraordinary products, Max is determined to positively impact humanity-one cell at a time.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.