The Max Plan is a revolutionary compensation plan designed to pay out a maximum of 50% CV to the field sales organization, and gives you nine ways to earn as an Associate. Based on your personal effort and results, the Max Plan can help you reach your personal income goals, whatever they may be-some extra cash every month, enough for a car payment, or even enough to entirely replace your income and live the life of your dreams.

1. Retail Profits
Associates can buy product at wholesale and sell them at retail.

2. Preferred Customer Bonus
Receive commissions and PV on every order placed by your Preferred Customers. Preferred Customers must be on AutoShip in order to participate in the program and receive wholesale pricing.

There is no cost to become a Preferred Customer; however Preferred Customers must be on autoship in order to participate in the program and to get product at the wholesale price.

3. FastTrack Bonus
Earn weekly FastTrack Commissions for every Product Pack purchased by your new, personally sponsored Associates. FastTrack Commissions are paid to the enrolling Associate.

4. Double FastTrack Bonus
Earn Double FastTrack Bonuses when you sell three Premiere or Professional Packs in a month to your personally sponsored Associates.

5. Team Bonus
Earn 10% of the total CV on your smaller team (Pay Team). Associates can earn a maximum of $25,000 USD in Team Commissions per month.

6. Unlimited Seven-Level Matching Check Bonus
Earn up to 50% on the Team Commissions of anyone you have personally enrolled when you have a personal AutoShip for at least one box of product and generate minimum PV for your rank. Associates, also receive a Matching Check Bonus on their Associates in their enrollment tree up to seven levels.

7. Platinum and Diamond Leadership Pool
0.75% of the monthly Global Commissionable Volume (CV) is put into two separate pools and is paid to Platinum and Diamond Associates. 0.50% is put in the Platinum Pool and 0.25% is put in the Diamond Pool. Platinum Associates receive one share in the Platinum Pool. Associates at Diamond and above receive one share in both pools. Associates who purchase a Diamond Pack will receive double shares when they achieve Platinum or Diamond rank.

8. Global Bonus Pool
Two percent (2%) of the company's Global Commissionable Volume (CV) is put into a Global Bonus Pool and is paid to qualified Associates through Gold. For each 1,000 CV that an Associate's Pay Team volume grows compared to the prior month, the Associate will receive one share in the Global Bonus Pool. Associates who buy the Business Builder Pack receive double shares in the Global Bonus Pool.

9. Max Living Bonus
Max believes in helping Associates identify what matters most to them. The beauty of the Max Living bonus is that is makes it easier for Associates to pursue it--a nice car, a fine home, giving back to charity, a memorable vacation with your family, or anything else you need. Earn $500, $750, $1,000, or even $1,500 a month to use as you like.