Product Testimonials

Read just a few of the personal experiences shared by satisfied customers.*

George Richer
Ontario Canada
Over the years I have tried many natural products. Nothing has ever worked so well (and continues to do so!) as MaxGXL®. After only three days on MaxGXL, I could not believe how much better my left hand was. Another pleasant surprise is my balance, which has been terrible since a back operation in 1972. My balance now has greatly improved. The best improvement, I believe, is my energy level. I sleep so much better and wake up ready to GO! I am 70 years young and have the same or more zip than when I was 39! Thank you MaxGXL!   

Steve Holleran
Hamilton, ON
Like so many people who first hear of MaxGXL, I had my doubts about what it could do for me and how it would improve my life. I was approached by a good friend of mine named Gary. He told me he wanted to show me this new product that would improve my overall health and improve my physical performance. I was intrigued because I was thinking about competing in the World Police and Fire Games for Karate in British Columbia in 2009. I am a firefighter for the city of Mississauga, Ontario and for the past while I wanted to get back into competing. I hold a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I used to compete all the time but for the past ten years my focus went to other things. I never stopped running, stretching and lifting weights but as far as martial arts and competition, I was out of fighting shape. I knew that if I was going to do this, I needed all the help I could get. Gary explained the inner workings of Glutathione and MaxGXL. To say the least, I was interested. My third day on MaxGXL I had one of my best Karate classes to date. My cardio was limitless that night. The hour long class was actually not long enough! I could have gone for a second hour. It was then that I knew I had to keep taking this stuff. On April 12th, 2008 I came out of retirement having competed in my first local Karate tournament. I placed first in my division and second for Grand Champion. I owe a large part of this to MaxGXL. I look forward to future competitions, not only because I know my body is functioning as it should but also because I want to share my story and more importantly MaxGXL!   

Brian Kline
Houston, TX
I have been a powerlifter for 35 years; in 1993 I suffered two heart attacks and quadruple by-pass surgery. To say the least, it has been a rocky comeback. About a year ago I had an acquaintance convince me to try MaxGXL. The first week of taking MaxGXL I started to feel the difference in my body. I had more endurance in my training, my recovery time decreased. I qualified for two world championships in November, one in Las Vegas, and the other in Palm Beach, Florida. I won the national championships for my age and weight and broke the existing American record in the bench press for 55-59 year olds at 198 pounds body weight with 396 pounds barely missing the world record of 442. I owe a lot to Max International!   

Linette Milligan
Mira Loma, CA
To top it off, I NEVER get sore any more after my workouts. Even on the days I work out extra hard I think to myself, "man, I am going to be hurting so bad tomorrow." But much to my surprise... NOTHING! I love MaxGXL! Not only for what it has done to my body, but for what I know it is doing to protect my body in the future! And I got an added benefit: I sleep so great now. I wake up feeling so crisp and energetic. Thanks, Dr. Keller!!!   

Debby Pruitt
Houston, TX
I've struggled with weight loss issues all my life. A friend introduced me to MaxGXL. I got on the product and had no idea, but major changes happened to me physically. I began to do things that I hadn't been able to do in a long, long time.   

Fernando Torres
Corana, CA
I was introduced to MaxGXL by family. They explained all the benefits of the product, but I still wasn't truly convinced. I started on the product in January 2008, almost one year after serious health problems. Within 2 weeks of starting MaxGXL, I noticed my energy level had risen. I had more energy to get myself to the gym, I started lifting heavier weights, started to run on the treadmill, which I had not done for a few years. I started to do the things that I really wanted to do. I'm now exercising five times a week since I have more energy to do it. I am eating better, and not craving all the junk I used to eat because I don't feel stress like I did before. I am not waking up during the night. I am able to sleep better and therefore feel refreshed every morning now when I wake up. I have dropped weight since I have the energy to burn more calories. I really feel like a new man! Thank you, Dr. Robert Keller for formulating this amazing supplement! You are a genius! MaxGXL is truly life changing!   

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